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Form Versus Function

As I hinted at earlier, I think’s site does pretty well in this regard. The site is laid out in a way that makes sense, and the top menu bars are a useful way to quickly access needed information. Most pages are simple and clear; there’s not a lot of silly nonsense that’s been included just because some designer thought it was “cool”.

I must admit that I do sometimes find the system that shows project summaries as you scroll over project titles a bit annoying. I’m not a big fan of mouse-over effects, and it becomes a bit dizzying when I try to move through the listings. I accept that this is just personal preference, though, and the mouse-over help balloons on the page used for posting projects are useful.

I think the dark gray footer on the site is far too large and clunky. It could be easily stream­lined by getting rid of the 175-word “who we are” description that really doesn’t need to be on every single page of the site. This is background verbiage that most people don’t care about and should be buried somewhere in the “About” section of the site.


This is a significant weak point of the site, in my estimation: I find it slower than several of the other big sites. I thought that this was because the company was based out of Australia, but a quick check of the IP address suggests the servers it runs on are based in the United States. So it’s likely just a result of the large number of users on the site; hopefully the management of the company will be able to add more hardware to improve response time as the company grows.

Stability, Uptime and Frequency of Modifications

I have not experienced any issues with crashing, nor problems with bugs or instability on the site. Changes seem to be made with little to no downtime, but I must admit that since I do not use the site regularly, I may have missed some important incidents in the past.


I am not aware of any recent security issues related to the site.

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