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Prohibited Projects

Like all sites, prohibits projects that deal with illegal activity. In addition, they have a list of projects that they consider “invalid”; if one of these projects is reported, they can delist it and in that case, the normally-refundable project fee is not refunded:

  • PVA related projects

  • eBay account creation

  • Email account creations - includes social network accounts, etc.

  • Money transfer and exchange

  • Cloning of websites

  • CAPTCHA Projects

  • Hacking

  • Selling of end products

  • Advertising services

  • Selling of stolen scripts

  • Buying/Selling of Accounts

  • Craigslist Projects

  • eBay Scam Projects

Sounds good, but unfortunately, the company does not do as much as it could to enforce these restrictions, and you can routinely find many instances of the projects above in the site’s project listings. See the ethical policy discussion for more details.

Project Value Restrictions does not explicitly specify a project value minimum. However, it requires clients to associate a budget range with each project, and the lowest-value range is $30 to $250, so there is effectively a $30 project minimum.

As with most quality-related policies on, however, this rule is not very well enforced.

Client Verification Policies

Despite the quality issues mentioned above, actually does a reasonable job in this area. In order to post a normal project on the site, a client must pay a refundable $5 project listing fee. Since this payment is required up front, it acts as a screen on fly-by-night “clients” who have no intention of ever paying for the contractors they hire.

It is possible for new clients to bypass this payment by using what calls a trial project. However, in this case, the project is actually screened by personnel; see below.

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