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(Page 1 of 3) is an apt illustration of the trade-off between quantity and quality. The company is growing rapidly in size, has more clients and contractors than any other, and there are certainly lot of projects available for bidding. However, the overall quality of those projects leaves a lot to be desired.

General Project Quality Assessment

There’s no point trying to sugar-coat this: the general quality of the projects on is poor. That’s not to say that all listings there are bad, but most of them are not the sort of projects that high-quality freelancers are looking for. Of all of the sites I discuss in this Guide, is probably the one that is of least interest to profes­sional freelancers, or those who focus on and value providing quality services.

When I started out my own freelancing career, (at that point called “Get A Freelancer”) was one of several sites I looked at every day. I actually did do some work on the site, but it was very hard to find anything even worth bidding on. Eventually I stopped even going to the site, because I came to the inevitable conclusion that even spending a few minutes looking through the listings was a waste of time. There was just nothing there that was worth considering.

There are a number of reasons for the lousy project quality on, but it mostly just boils down to the site aiming at the low end of the market. The company markets itself specifically towards small businesses trying to save money, which leads to a clientele that largely favors low cost over quality. The site also has a reputation as a place where “anything goes”, leading to a large number of very dubious projects being posted.

The huge number of contractors that brags about is not actually anything I’d be proud of either. Most of these are overseas providers with poor communication skills and questionable resumes, who are competing solely on the basis of price. Having a large pool of contractors leads to extreme competition in bidding for the projects on the site, low bids, and poor project award rates for those who are serious about their trade.

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