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Response Time

My communications with have always been timely. As part of my research for writing this part of the Guide, I had to send a request to ask a question about one of’s policies. To do so, I used the ticket system and received an answer in under an hour. Prior requests for help a couple of years ago were also addressed quickly.

Responsiveness and Flexibility

Again here, I have not experienced any problems in this area in my dealings with However, to be fair to some of the other sites where I have had problems related to responsiveness,’s entire operation is much simpler and there is generally less need to ask customer service to resolve complex situations or deal with difficult problems.

One place where I can see the potential for issues here is that’s online documentation and even its terms of service are rather vague. There seem to be a number of policies related to the operation of the marketplace that are not spelled out very well in advance, which could lead to frustration on the part of users if and when customer service people start quoting them back in reply to complaints.

I also must report that I’ve read a number of complaints online from users about getting “stonewalling” answers from about issues such as suspended accounts. But anecdotes of this sort are inevitable when talking about any large company, and I don’t have enough information to determine if this represents a pattern or not.

Peer-to-Peer Support has no user forums, nor any other type of peer-to-peer support.

Suggestions and Feedback does not seem to actively solicit feedback on its service, nor suggestions for improvement. There is no forum where suggestions can be posted, and no entries in any of the site menus that indicate that the company wants to hear from its users. The support ticket system does list “Suggestions” and “Category Request” in its list of “Departments” you must choose from when starting a new ticket, but I really think the company could do a better job in this area.

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