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Given’s size, relatively modest fees and orientation towards the “value” end of the online freelancing marketplace, it does a pretty good job when it comes to customer support. The company offers fairly responsive and timely online support, with a ticket system, email-based support and also live chat. The company also does not seem to have an attitude that favors clients over contractors the way some of its competitors do. On the downside, there is no option for phone support, which some may find a disadvantage.

Attitude does not seem to suffer from the favoritism towards clients over contractors that plague a number of other sites. I think this is largely because of the way the service is designed, and specifically, the decision to make a single account cover both the client and contractor roles.

Making everyone just a “user” doesn’t preclude prioritizing client concerns over those of contractors. For example, a bit of leaning can be seen in how a live chat box appears automatically on the page to post a new project, but not on the page for providers to enter bids. However, the single-account system institutionalizes a form of equality within the site. Since every member of the site is both a buyer and seller of services, support cannot make assumptions about the priority of assistance based solely on the type of account sending the request.

Methods of Communication offers three communication methods:

  • Integrated Ticket System: has its own software support ticket system, which allows users to open support requests, receive responses, review past tickets and more. (Oddly, as of the time I write this, it is still located at the old Web address, but linked from

  • Email Support: The company bucks a trend by still allowing users to send support requests by email. Due to spam and other abuses, many sites no longer allow unsolicited email queries, but you can still send one to

  • Live Chat: offers an interactive chat function that allows you to communicate directly with a customer support agent. As mentioned above, an “invitation” to use this service is offered to every user as part of the project posting process.

To access these options, choose “Contact Support” from the bottom of the “Help” drop-down menu, which appears at the top right of every page. This sends you to a short stub page; there you can click “Customer Support” for the email link, or the orange “Click Here for Online Support” button to access the ticket system or live chat.

I have been unable to determine what hours supports for live chat. In fact, in a few casual tests, I have not even really been able to find a pattern to allow me to try to determine when it is active. For example, the morning I wrote this topic, I found live chat offline at about 11:30 am Eastern (United States) time, which was a bit surprising. is headquartered in Australia, but that shouldn’t really matter for a live chat / support feature, and given the number of clients in North America, I’d think they would want it available during working hours here. does not offer phone support at all. This is probably the biggest drawback of its customer service from a communication standpoint.

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