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Managing Online Freelancing Projects and Clients
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Developing Your Freelancing Career

At one level, freelancing can be seen as a series of projects that you complete for various clients. To really succeed at this endeavor, though, you must view your activities with a longer-term orientation. Just as there’s a difference between a job and a career for tradi­tional workers, the same applies to freelancers as well. As an independent contractor, though, there’s no boss to manage your career—you must do it yourself. As always, though, I’m here to help!

This final chapter of the Online Freelancing Guide covers issues such as:

  • Managing your feedback profile and freelancing reputation.

  • Following up with clients to develop long-term relationships and encourage follow-on projects.

  • Cultivating off-site client relationships.

  • Improving your freelancing skills through education and other endeavors.

  • Expanding your offerings into related fields to increase the scope of work you can do.

  • Building your business, and if relevant, hiring subordinates to help you with your workload.

  • Developing relationships with colleagues and getting involved in the wider freelancing community.

My current estimated date for publishing this chapter: Late Spring 2012

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Managing Online Freelancing Projects and Clients
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