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Factors that Determine Whether a Work Discipline is Suitable for Online Freelancing
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Honestly Assessing Your Skills and Your Overall Value Proposition
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Common and Not-So-Common Online Freelancing Project Areas

The attributes of jobs that are well-suited to online freelancing generally dictate the sorts of projects you will commonly find on freelancing sites. However, possessing those character­istics is not always sufficient for a particular field to be well-represented in the online freelancing world. There are job types that you’d think would be a very good match for these sites, but for one reason or another, just aren’t found very often. In some cases this is just “the way the chips fall”—certain industries are more popular among freelancers than others. In other cases, it is simply because not enough buyers and providers in that area have moved online yet for the work type to reach “critical mass”, where there are enough people in the market to sustain ongoing and growing interest in it.

So, given all that, what are the most common types of projects seen in the world of online freelancing? Well, a comprehensive inventory of job types would be very long, but the list below should give you a good idea of what’s out there. If your main line of work falls into one of these categories and/or subcategories, the chances are that you’ll find a healthy selection of opportunities to choose from as an online freelancer:

  • Website Design and Development: Website design and implementation, web programming (Javascript, forms, XML and so forth), search engine optimization, blog programming.

  • Programming and Systems Development: Application development, databases, script writing, mobile application design and implementation, gaming, quality assurance.

  • Writing and Content: Article writing, article rewriting, Web content, blogging, copyediting, technical writing, translation, proofreading.

  • Graphics and Illustration: Graphical design, logos, advertising, brochures, 3D modeling.

  • Multimedia: Photo processing and manipulation, audio recording and editing, video recording and editing.

  • Administrative Support: Data entry, transcription, data conversion, research, email response, virtual assistance, accounting, customer service.

  • Sales and Marketing: Marketing list development, lead generation, business plans, Web promotion.

Most online freelancing sites divide their projects into categories to make it easier for both employers and freelancers to find each other. Every site uses a slightly different structure, but most of the bigger sites try to be as broad as possible, and so have a list of work categories that bears at least some resemblance to the list above.

In addition to the major categories of common Internet freelancing projects described above, there are other less common project types that are also worth mentioning. These too are seen regularly on the various project boards, but not in quantities comparable to those of the more popular project categories. Here are some of these less common disciplines:

  • Product design

  • Engineering work (electrical, mechanical, and so forth).

  • Voice acting

  • Legal advice and document creation

  • Project management

  • Interior design

  • Modeling

  • Photography and videography

  • Broadcasting

  • General consulting

  • Advertising

  • Public relations

Once again, there are probably a lot more, but this should give you a sense of what you’ll find. As mentioned earlier, don’t expect huge volumes of projects in these areas, but if you are a real leader in your field, you can do quite well with what is available.

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Factors that Determine Whether a Work Discipline is Suitable for Online Freelancing
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Honestly Assessing Your Skills and Your Overall Value Proposition
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