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Welcome to the Online Freelancing Guide!

Many people who work regular jobs dream of becoming independent freelancers. With conventional freelancing, this can be very hard to do, but the Internet is changing everything. The last few years have seen the rise of a whole new type of freelancing based around the use of freelancing marketplace websites, which make it far easier for independent workers to find clients, and thus start freelancing careers.

Online freelancing, or Internet freelancing, is growing at a tremendous rate, with some marketplace sites doubling in volume in just the past year. If you’re interested in becoming a freelancer, there’s never been a better time to give it a try. But do you really know what's involved in the freelancing lifestyle? What are its pros and cons of online freelancing, and how do you know if it makes sense for you personally? How do you undertake this endeavor in a way that will maximize your chances of success?

There's never been a resource on the Web to answer these questions, to provide advice and guidance to the thousands of contractors who decide to become online freelancers every month -- until now. The Online Freelancing Guide is dedicated to providing essential information to help you build your freelancing career. The detailed information it contains will assist you in understanding what online freelancing is about, learning how to use freelancing sites effectively, and finding and completing projects for satisfied clients.

On the left side navigation bar you will find quick links to the various parts of the site. The upper box green buttons that link to information pages about the site, including testimonials and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have questions or comments about the site, you can also feel free to contact us with your feedback. Need freelancing work done? The purple box below these buttons contains direct links to the current content on the site, with the large blue "Site Content" button taking you straight to the site's table of contents.

How to Make Money Online as a Freelancer in 2017

We all use the Internet for communicating with friends and family, doing research, and watching videos. 

In recent times, the internet has become popular as a money making source.

Each year more and more people are interested in the concept of making a living out of the web.

“Best ways to make money online” ranks among the top searches in Google.

Several websites have articles on suggested methods to make this possible, however not all these techniques will work for everyone.

Some methods are more efficient than others. Others turn out to be frauds and scams. Some of these mistakes will result in massive financial losses.

Consistency is key in successful freelancing. With the current harsh economic times, it's hard to make enough money on one job. For that reason, freelancers have come up with new legitimate ways that enable them to make money online as a freelancer in 2017. These ideas need extra effort to have a positive impact on your earnings.

Whatever the reason is, you need to be up to date with the new ways to earn money online.

Going through this post will increase your knowledge, you will have fresh ideas on how to generate that extra income from the comfort of your house.

If freelancing is something you do on a full-time basis, this could be a life changer. Below are some of the accomplishments you can achieve using money made from the internet.

• Boost your cash flow to settle bills
• Pay off debts
• Improving your lifestyle/living conditions
• Build your savings

That said, we have come up with five ways to increase your income as a freelancer in 2017. You can give yourself a raise by adopting any of these five ideas. Some will allow you to generate full-time income as a freelancer while others will offer part-time side income.

1. Blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly the most loved way to make that extra money from your computer. You can make money writing on your favorite category; the categories can be lifestyle, health, sports or finance. To start a blog, first, buy a domain name and pay for hosting. Alternatively, you can create a profile on free blog websites like WordPress. The blog may take a while before you start making enough money. One year is enough time to assess whether your blog is where you expected it to be. You, therefore, need to be patient and persistent. Many people give up along the way due to the challenges faced. They enter the blogging world full of hope thinking it is a smooth ride. Regularly update your blog with fresh posts to keep your audience entertained. With time, your audience will grow, and you will get a modest list of routine fans and readers. After gaining a big following, you can advertise products for various companies. Ensure to promote products that will fix your readers problems by fulfilling their need. A good strategy is advertising products that reflect what you write about, for example, if you have a body building blog you can advertise fitness products.

A blogging host that we recommend is WPX Hosting.

2. Content writing.

Content writing has become very popular resulting in the emergence of many freelancing/content writing sites like iWriter, Fiverr and Upwork among others. Just like blogging, you can follow your enthusiasms and choose to write on your favorite topics or topics you know a lot about and make money out of it. Do not, however, limit yourself to one category, try out new subjects. The more content or articles you write, the more money you are likely to make. Every website needs to have information updated which means content is required all year long. Write routinely and give your best to earn better.

3. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the latest ways of making money from the internet. Freelancers advertise other people’s products and services at a fee called affiliate commission. By marketing a company’s product or services online, some of your readers may be interested in the products of the business whose items you are advertising and click on the advertisement for more information and possible purchase. If your website is frequented by thousands of visitors daily, use that opportunity to gain financially. Marketers will use your site to upload their adverts. Before you choose a marketer, you should first convince them to pay you enough money.

4. Graphic and logo designing. 

Successful businesses have adopted digital media as a strategy for brand recognition. Due to this reason, there are several opportunities for graphic designers lately. Graphic designing can be in the form of visuals or high-end images. You need to be conversant with software such as Adobe Photoshop. Every business needs to have a logo that represents their brand. A logo is very powerful; it helps people recognize a product even from a distance. You can use freelance sites, your website or classifieds to get clients.

5. E-books.

With so much content needed, there has been a rising necessity for e-books. E-books are longer and more detailed than regular articles. There are several sites where you can sign up, write e-books and get quick money. Bid for jobs that match your ability and experience. To get more or better-paying clients you have to deliver high-quality work. Develop new techniques to make the process easy and fun at the same time. Selling information products as e-books is the new thing in town. Many people have made good money from this. Starting an eBook company is also a good strategy, and it is not expensive. There are no shortcuts; you have to deliver best quality content.

Tips and precautions to take when looking for new ways of generating income from the internet.

[a] Be very careful when dealing with sites that require you to pay exorbitant membership charges for signing up, some of them turn out to be scams. Some sites promise what they cannot deliver, using luring words to convince potential members. You will lose your hard-earned money. 

[b] Know your worth. As a freelancer, make sure that you are good compensation for the time you spend doing research and putting it in writing avoid low paying sites that take advantage of freelancers by paying peanuts. You can, however, start with small paying if you are a newbie, and rise the ranks slowly. Remember every great president was once a child. There are no shortcuts to success.

[c] Deliver high-quality work, and you will have repeated clients.

There are endless opportunities to make that extra cash on the internet. Every year, more websites are created, and new products that need reviews enter the market. Making money by getting paid to do what you love while solving other people’s problems is a satisfying feeling. You just need a laptop or personal computer and internet connection to get started. Virtually, anyone can be a freelancer, but it takes a lot of effort to be the best. Try any of the above ways to turn your miseries into fortunes.


December 13, 2016:

·         Chapter Four: I'm pleased to announce the release of the latest chapter of the Online Freelancing Guide: Finding and Evaluating Online Freelancing Projects. This is the first chapter that gets into the "meat" of online freelancing, discussing an activity that most online freelancers spend quite a bit of time on, especially when they are just starting out. Its pages describe the most important factors for assessing both clients and projects, and provide many tips for how to search for projects in an effective way, and deal with special concerns and situations that are likely to occur. Enjoy!

October 21, 2016:

·         Chapter Three It took longer than I anticipated, but I've just published the third chapter of the Online Freelancing Guide: Planning and Managing Your Online Freelancing Business. Being a freelancer involves much more than just doing your freelance work: you are not just working, you are running a business. This chapter will help you get your freelancing career off the ground, with four sections that cover areas such as choosing work disciplines, setting up a work area, getting computer hardware and software, and building and tuning your online profile and portfolio. It also contains a section that's a preview of the rest of the guide, containing dozens of tips specifically for new freelances. I hope you find it useful.. and I hope the next chapter won't take as long to get done. :)


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